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The AC SA company has been the most important systems manufacturer of LPG / CNG in Poland and one of the most important worldwide for more than 27 years. The internationally acclaimed products with the official brand name «STAG» have conquered the world's consumers and are available in more than 30 countries (Germany, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, etc.).

A main feature its of superiority is that until today it has been entrusted by some of the largest automotive companies such as Mitsubishi *, and has approvals of proper and good operation as well as compatibility "R115" for companies: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Chrysler and Kia **.

With main axis the customer's continuous satisfaction, the company supplies the world market with indisputably qualitative and innovative products.

Their leading position is the result of stringent quality standards followed by the Producer Company, personnel with specialized knowledge, innovation and maximum safety of its products but also fantastic relationship of quality- value that they have!


A C SA Company follows rigorous standards of quality control in all processes of design, production and marketing of its products being certified I SO 9001:2008. In this context this does not stop them from upgrading their facilities, educating their staff on a consistent basis but also to continuously develop its products, offering consumers the most up-dated and qualitative products and services the global automotive market in alternative systems has to show.


Devoted to constantly set out new avenues in auto-gas mobility, the AC SA company was founded in February 2012 a highly sophisticated research and development center, staffed with highly trained scientists and technicians.

Purpose of this center is not only to continuously improve the quality of the company's products but also creates original and innovative products in the sector of motoring.


The excellent performance shown by the company in recent years, particularly in the area of quality and innovation of its products has been recognized with dozens of awards, including the award for "Company of the Year 2012", the "Innovation Award 2011", the«INPRO 2012 Award - STAG-4 Q-BOX controller» etc.


Millions of drivers around the world trust STAG products!

«STAG», probably the most famous name in the field of LPG globally; has the widest market, more than 200 different products to help meet the needs of even the most demanding drivers.


STAG-4-QBOX-BASIC"The newest and most sophisticated system capable of parallel fuel injection!"

Recommended for engines:

  • four-cylindars
  • aspirated & turbo
  • multiple injection
  • full group
  • sequential semi-sequential
  • valvetronic


  • includes all the functions of the units STAG - 4 & STAG - 300
  • inext-generation 32 elaborator - high-performance bits and high-speed data communication
  • detailed dosage for gas fuel
  • possibility for diagnostics on debugging the initial setup and diagnostics for key components
  • automatic adaptability and parallel fuel injection petrol with option to disable
  • wiring with embedded links petrol injectors type EUROPE / BOSCH
  • emissions in accordance with Regulation EURO 5


  • current generation technology
  • economy
  • maximum security engine
  • immediate response to changes in operating conditions of the engine while maintaining performance of the manufacturer's specifications
  • innovative design for quick and easy fitting system
  • 5 year warranty


isa2«An ideal choice for rotary Wankel engines !»

Recommended for engines:

  • multiple injection
  • aspirated & turbo
  • 1-8 rolls
  • valvetronic
  • turbo
  • full group
  • sequential semi-sequential


  • the evolution of the popular system STAG -300 Plus
  • Smart Self-Adaptation System ISA2 of second generation.
  • continuous automatic modification of the map function LPG, over load and engine speed
  • wiring with embedded links petrol injectors type EUROPE / BOSCH
  • possibility of reminder service system for auto- gas mobility
  • bootable vehicle with gas in case of emergency


  • advanced technology
  • high quality
  • maximum reliability
  • 3 year warranty


stag 300 premium«Suitable for modern cars! Ideal for models after 2010 are equipped with sophisticated ECU for gasoline engine OBD I-II-III or EOBD!»

«An option for fast and dynamic driving!»

Recommended for engines:

  • multiple injection
  • aspirated & turbo
  • full group
  • sequential semi-sequential
  • 3-8 rolls


  • Smart Autocorrecting System – SAS
  • Permanent connection via the OBD I-II-III or EOBD with the engine control unit for receiving data, in order to achieve the system setting - engine fully, according to the factory specifications
  • wiring with embedded links petrol injectors type EUROPE / BOSCH
  • separation of BANK I BANK II resulting in better regulation and operation of the engine
  • possibility of reminder service system auto-gas mobility
  • emissions in accordance with Regulation EURO 5


  • fourth generation technology
  • complete preservation of the manufacturer's specifications
  • comfortable, powerful, fuel-efficient driving
  • synchronization of the system with the gasoline gas system.
  • 3 year warranty


stag 400 dpi«Perfect choice for direct injection engines and cars of Group VAG requiring LPG systems in full cooperation with the gasoline control unit!»

«Delivered with factory programmed control unit locked for each engine type»

Recommended for engines:

  • direct injection, especially the Group VAG (VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA)


  • automatic switching of fuel from petrol to LPG without the driver's perception
  • LPG operation throughout the speed range and load without requiring a change in gasoline during demanding driving conditions
  • integrated simulator fuel pressure
  • innovative diagnostics system
  • connection with the control unit of the car through OBD (OBD I-II & EOBD), with a view to optimal engine operation, according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • possibilityof reminder service system for auto-gas mobility
  • wiring with embedded links petrol injectors type EUROPE / BOSCH


  • high quality
  • maximum engine performance
  • innovative software
  • convenient and economical driving, while fully preserving the manufacturer
  • 3 year warranty

See our list of applications on the direct injection STAG


* See here

** Approval numbers

  • MERCEDES BENZ 115R 00 0068
  • BMW 115R 00 0054
  • CRYSLER 115R 00 0067
  • KIA 115R 00 0069

At the relevant site of the Ministry of Development tapping the word ΑC Spolka Akcyjna you can see the certifications and the country of origin as well as the manufacture of its products. See here...

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