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Protection LPG Valve Lube

The protection of valves is based on active additives which reduce wear and friction of the valves and their placing in LPG engines, offering permanent protection. The specific product composition cleans and lubricates the upper part of the combustion chamber to form a protective layer between the valves and their placing. The active protection against friction and wear and the ideal 'dispersion' of heat, provide improved cooling for the valves and their placing.

A summary on the benefits of the additional protection of valves are:

  • Minimizes wear of valves and their homes
  • Ensures maximum improved cooling valves and displaced
  • Provides long-term protection against wear & offers lengthening the lifespan of the engine

Providing chemical additive lubricant made in the following ways:

  • additives directly into the tank of the gas supply system
  • with independent measuring system via vacuum
  • with integrated electronically controlled dosing systems of central supply
  • with integrated electronically controlled sequential delivery
  • protection system of exclusive placement

Lubrication systems for the protection of valves that we use in our company are:

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    Using auto gas would help you save about 50% on your daily commuting. This means at least 126 € monthly. You would profit 1513 € a year! And while everybody stays stagnant, you will move and even make a profit!

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    You would be more free and independent than ever thanks to the twin tank with a button which allows YOU to choose with which of the two you could move around at anytime. Gasoline or LPG, you decide!

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    This will contribute to a cleaner environment by delivering a better future for your children! Auto-gas has demonstrably reduced emissions of CO2, and completely eliminated the micro-particles contained in the emission of exhaust fumes created by gasoline.

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    Autogas offers maximum security to you and your family, since formal studies demonstrate that in any case of accident, the gas system remains intact, without the slightest chance of risk ratios.

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    By applying auto-gas systems your car not only retains all its features, but sometimes displays an even better effectiveness because of the quality of the fuel and higher octanes.