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CNG – Mobility with natural gas

Now "the economy is moving" for Diesel Engines as well!

Unlike the rest of the European Union, where the conversion of diesel vehicles in gas is very popular and even subsidized, in our country the legal framework makes it currently impossible one such practice.

However, the rapid penetration of natural gas in public transport and the recent announcement of the PGC regarding the operation of twelve new gas fueling stations, suggest that soon the road to more sustainable and alternative automotive - mostly diesel vehicles - will open !

Our company always a pioneer in development in the automotive industry, is already creating the right infrastructure - based on the most stringent quality standards-to accommodate heavy duty diesel vehicles in order to convert them into gas powered.

The now well known natural gas, which has changed the map of the energy market with efficient utilization in domestic, industrial and commercial uses, penetrates further more in Greece into the field of transportation as the most economical and environmentally friendly automotive fuel.

Around the world there are already 14.5 million gas powered cars of which one million are travelling through the streets of countries - members of European Union.

In Greece, natural gas has already demonstrated its key role as a fuel for 600 buses of OSY and 102 Municipalitiy garbage trucks. These are supplied, by two filling stations in Attica, in the areas of Anthousa and Ano Liosia.

Following the announcement of the PGC that it will go directly to the opening of new stations that will provide the cars with gas, opens a new road for the most efficient proposal mainly for automotive diesel engines, which until recently could not exploit the benefits of alternative forms of fuel.


Driving with natural gas ensures a significant reduction in both carbon dioxide emissions and the cost of traffic per kilometer. It is characteristic that the price of natural gas is about 60% lower than that of gasoline and 35% than that of diesel, ensuring rapid savings to anyone who uses it.

In environmental terms, the use of natural gas in auto motion achieves reduction in hydrocarbon emissions up to 80%, thus justifying its widespread use in developed and environmentally friendly countries.

As concerns the safety of the fuel, it should be emphasized that this is undeniable as auto-gas systems are of high standard and comply with the most stringent quality standards and control. Additionally, the safe operation of the gas is enhanced by the fact that it ignites only under exceptional circumstances (limited range of mixture with air).

Finally, as in the case of LPG, the auto-gas system offers twice the autonomy since all vehicles run on natural gas can also be moved and diesel, adding another benefit to this alternative form of motoring.

About the Natural Gas

  1. Natural gas is a natural product found in underground deposits of the earth. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons in a gaseous state, consisting mainly of methane.
  2. The natural gas is sold in gaseous form opposed to gas which is available in liquid form. This is why the gas tank operates at very high pressure (250 bar) in contrast with the tank of gas which functions to 8 bar.
  3. Gas is sold by the kilo.

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    Using auto gas would help you save about 50% on your daily commuting. This means at least 126 € monthly. You would profit 1513 € a year! And while everybody stays stagnant, you will move and even make a profit!

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    You would be more free and independent than ever thanks to the twin tank with a button which allows YOU to choose with which of the two you could move around at anytime. Gasoline or LPG, you decide!

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    This will contribute to a cleaner environment by delivering a better future for your children! Auto-gas has demonstrably reduced emissions of CO2, and completely eliminated the micro-particles contained in the emission of exhaust fumes created by gasoline.

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    Autogas offers maximum security to you and your family, since formal studies demonstrate that in any case of accident, the gas system remains intact, without the slightest chance of risk ratios.

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    By applying auto-gas systems your car not only retains all its features, but sometimes displays an even better effectiveness because of the quality of the fuel and higher octanes.